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Participant registration

09:00 – 09:10

Introductory speech

09:15 – 10:00

Reshape Brand Experience

David Balfour


This multi-award-winning visionary and one of the top 100 most influential people in the industry talks about experiential marketing and explains why it's not enough to just be present at the event or to share examples. Experienced marketing is participation, engaging consumers, creating memories, and most importantly, creating positive images and relations with our brands. Consumers deserve better than our generic campaigns with standard events that simply do not work. The success of large international corporations such as Adidas, PlayStation, Heineken, Porsche, Chloé and Tom Ford is building relationships with consumers through big and small experiences.

10:05 - 10:50

Reshape the Country’s Brand

Maja Pak

Director / Slovenian Tourist Board

Alenka Pahor Žvanut

Head of Digital Content Marketing Department / Slovenian Tourist Board

Maja Pak, director of the Tourist Board of Slovenia, with over 20 years of experience in tourism, reveals how to put a small country on the world map as one of the top tourist destinations. The Tourist Board of Slovenia was awarded the prestigious National Geographic "World Legacy Award" in 2017, putting Slovenia on the global map as a green and sustainable destination all the while setting an example for good practice. Maja and Alenka will explain how to successfully transform a country's brand and communicate its tourism potentials using the power of digital media.

10:50 – 11:10

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11:10 – 12:10

Panel – Reshape the Local Market

BiH in just 11 months last year imported 152.5 million liters of water which was worth 133.07 million BAM, an increase of 20 million BAM compared to the previous year. The market exists, the resources are there. Then why are successful BiH brands the likes of polar bears on the local market? We have gathered leading industry experts, creators of the largest regional brands, to answer not only this question but many more as well. As research is the basis for each strategy, this Market Makers project will give insight into the latest market research that points to strategic niches that are essential for the development of local brands.

12:10 – 13:40


13:40 - 14:25

Reshape Communications

Boris Nemšić

Chairman / Delta Partners

The global, regional and local trends in telecommunications, 4G, 5G, and the role of telecoms in generating the development of other industries, will be the lecture topics of our guest who is known around the world as the "King of Mobile Telecommunications". Boris Nemšić, in his hometown of Sarajevo, brings news about the changes in business models due to the impact of digitization. With him, we will find solutions to the problem of lack of innovation in the telecom sector, global consolidation and the impact on our region. We will find out what changes are needed for the telecommunications ecosystem, what the regulatory challenges are, and how telecom players deal with changing habits and customer expectations.

14:25 – 14:35

Young Lions Awards powered by MarketMakers

14:40 – 15:40

Reshape Creativity

Karim Rashid

President / Karim Rashid Inc.

Karim Rashid, an industrial design genius, brings us a story about the importance of differentiation, innovation and the role of consumer needs for the development of successful businesses. Without all of these factors, brands cannot survive on the global market, which is continuously getting smaller while competition is increasing. Karim will present us his vision of the future, which is based on several important truths about the impact of the digital age. The world in which we live in becomes more efficient, both visually and contextually with the flow of information. Consumers, within their physical environment, are in constant need for stimulation and excitement. Therefore, in Karim's vision of the future, everything has to be designed. In this future, the aesthetic that surrounds us is the result of the overlapping of all disciplines, design, art, architecture, fashion, food, and music. Their union ultimately improves our experiences and brings greater pleasure to all aspects of life, material and immaterial.

15:45 – 16:00

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16:00 – 16:45

Reshape Strategy

Dalibor Šumiga

CEO / Promosapiens

A researcher of the deepest hidden truths of every consumer. That’s how we would loosely describe the job of Dalibor Šumiga. In his Promosapiens Lab, he created a fascinating application. It's called Implicit, and through its use, it brings us to the truth that is hidden deep within our subconscious. Along with presenting the possibilities of this application, participants of this year’s Branding Conference will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of neuromarketing methods for measuring subconscious responses to various marketing stimuli, such as EEG, Eye Tracking and Facial Coding. Precisely because of such experimentation, neuromarketing gives us answers to the question why some campaigns are simply more successful than others.

16:50 – 17:35

Reshape Your Personal Brand

Lenja Faraguna

Founder / Lenja Faraguna Int.

In our region and further, Lenja Faraguna, is known as the "mother" of a new modern marketing approach in which she stresses that every business plan has to start and finish with care - taking care of ourselves and taking care of our clients. The approach goes by the name marCAREting, and its base is a brand that is real, raw, relevant and honest. A brand whose greatest virtue is humanity. She shares her thoughts at major world conferences, alongside marketing gurus such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin and Robin Sharma. She believes that for the construction of a personal and collective brand, it is primarily necessary to transform the mindset, and her lectures never end without a collective "AHA" moment.

17:35 – 17:40

The end of program