Name and surname: David Balfour


Position: Co-Founder

Experience: 19 years

David Balfour is co-founder of LIGHTBLUE WorldWide, a global agency set up with only one goal: to do things right. As a multi-award-winning visionary who fights on the front line of experiential marketing, he was named one of the ‘Top 100 Most Influential People in the Industry’ by Event Magazine in 2016 and 2017. He is coming to this year's Branding Conference all the way from Dubai, where LIGHTBLUE is currently headquartered, and he is bringing small secrets from great masters.

In his personal work, the work of his agency LIGHTBLUE, and in all processes concerning his clients, he seeks to maintain human intelligence and creativity as the essence and driving force of his business. His ultimate goal is to make every client famous. We do not have precise information about the extent to which his intentions are being realized, but we do know that some of his current clients are Adidas, PlayStation, Heineken, Porsche, Chloé and Tom Ford.

Deeply convinced that the public deserves only the best, he guarantees an adventure to all his customers and anything less than will not satisfy. It’s as if he's intentionally catering to all of our needs.

My superpower is: Clairvoyance

If I could be any brand, I would be: Adidas – Sport & lifestyle in one brand.

My biggest fear is: Being average.

My life philosophy is: Go beyond.

What would you bring with you to a desert island: Good company.