Why Do We Exist?


THE BRANDING Conference is the professional event organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina that brings together experts with specialized knowledge in the areas of branding, marketing communications and media. It provides the visitors with insight into worldwide, European and region-specific trends.

WE BRING the latest in marketing strategies and supreme guest lecturers. We organize interesting workshops and panel discussions, inspire creative energy and foster networking.

WE INITIATE discussions on current topics that are focused on the strategic plans and goals of companies that actively operate in the SEE region’s market.

WE INVOLVE the academic community, educate students, share practical knowledge and experiences - motivating them to get involved, to meet professionals and get acquainted with their future professions.

WE ACT with the aim of establishing ethical standards and principles, creating a fair play market, advancing the advertising profession and strengthening creative potential.

WE INVEST in community development and believe in the positive changes and development of society!

Speakers 07

Daniel Pankraz
Company: Leo Burnett Sydney
Position: Strategic Innovations Director
Years of Experience: 17 years
Konstantin Kostadinov
Company: Viber Media
Position: Sales Manager, CEE
Years of Experience: 5+ years
Zarena Kancheva
Company: Viber Media
Position: Marketing Manager, CEE
Years of Experience: 12 years
Paul Coleman
Company: OMD EMEA
Position: Chief Collaboration Officer, EMEA
Years of Experience: 25+ years
Erna Saljević
Company: Via Media
Position: Digital Marketing Executive
Years of Experience: 7 years
Dalibor Šumiga
Company: Promosapiens
Position: CEO
Years of Experience: 17+ years
Marko Novaković
Company: New Moment New Ideas Company Y&R
Position: Senior Copywriter
Years of Experience: 5 years
Veljko Golubović
Company: FCB Afirma
Position: Regional creative director of Adriatic
Years of Experience: 20 years
Young Lions Jury
Damir Ciglar
Company: Imago Ogilvy
Position: Founder and CEO
Years of Experience: 25 years
Ivana Galić Baksa
Company: Nova TV
Position: Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications
Years of Experience: 13 years
Andrea Mišura Žuvela
Company: Heineken Croatia
Position: Head of Mainstream Marketing
Years of Experience: 20+ years
Edin Ibrahimović
Company: Bingo
Position: Executive director for business operations
Years of Experience: 14 years
Haris Kadenić
Company: Lactalis BH Ltd.
Position: Head of Marketing
Years of Experience: 13 years
Manuela Šola
Company: Komunikacijski laboratorij
Position: Owner and CEO
Years of Experience: 16 years
Young Lions Jury
Julijan Komšić
Company: IPSOS
Position: Director
Years of Experience: 14 years
Zlatan Tuce
Company: ROCHE Ltd.
Position: HR Manager Balkans
Years of Experience: 10 years
Ivan Pakozdi
Company: Edward Bernays College of Communication Management Position:
Position: Executive Director of Development
Years of Experience: 10+ years
Ivana Jeleč
Company: Edward Bernays College of Communication Management
Position: Head of the Center for Public Relations, Lecturer
Years of Experience: 6+ years
Haris Mujanović
Company: Via Media
Position: Account Director
Years of Experience: 6 years
Young Lions Jury
Dragan Rujević
Company: New Moment BiH
Position: Managing Director
Years of Experience: 17 years
Young Lions Jury
Mirka Modrinić
Company: Imago Ogilvy
Position: Creative Director
Years of Experience: 15 years
Young Lions Jury
Nela Kačmarčik
Company: UNICEF
Position: Communication Officer
Years of Experience: 12+ years
Young Lions Jury

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