Paul Coleman

Name and surname: Paul Coleman


Company: OMD EMEA


Position: Chief Collaboration Officer, EMEA


Years of branding, design and advertising experience: 25 years


Paul is Chief Collaboration Officer, EMEA for OMD: leveraging OMD’s collaborative culture and platforms to deliver better work faster. Paul is a founding architect of OMD’s collaborative operating system, Vision.


In addition to this role, Paul heads up the EMEA activity for the OMD Light program. A creativity and awards initiative that has resulted in OMD setting the standard in creativity for its clients worldwide, winning the GUNN report each of the last eleven years.


The last 6 months has seen Paul and team launch EMEA wide learning initiatives to share an OMD POV on key strategic areas for OMD clients such as Social, Programmatic and Mobile. Each initiative is designed to land the OMD POV on client work across the region to impact their business.

My super power is: listening closely to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


If I could be any brand, I would be: Destination Canada


My biggest fear is: small talk


My life philosophy is: you can’t cross the ocean by standing looking at the water


You are heading to the jungle, what will you bring: The Jungle Book heros: Baloo, Bagheera and friends

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