Instead of an Introduction


MIND YOUR BRAND 361 experts from 13 countries (Austria, B&H, Croatia, England, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA); 76 media outlets


BRANDOLUTION 357 experts from 12 countries (Austria, B&H, Croatia, England, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, USA); 70 media outlets


WELCOME TO BRANDLAND 341 experts from 11 countries (Austria, B&H, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, England, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey); 63 media outlets


KO SU PRAVI FAJTERI? 337 experts from 8 countries (Austria, B&H, Montenegro, England, Croatia, Slovenia,Serbia, Turkey); 58 media outlets


ČIJI JE VEĆI BRAND INDEX? 251 experts from 5 countries (B&H, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia); 35 media outlets


IL’ SI BRAND ILI NISI? 187 experts from 4 countries (B&H, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia); 18 media outlets

Why Do We Exist?


THE BRANDING Conference is a professional event organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina that brings together experts with specialized knowledge in the areas of branding, marketing communications and media. It provides the visitors with insight into worldwide, European and region-specific trends.

WE BRING the latest in marketing strategies and supreme guest lecturers. We organize interesting workshops and panel discussions, inspire creative energy and foster networking.

WE INITIATE discussions on current topics that are focused on the strategic plans and goals of companies that actively operate in the SEE region’s market.

WE INVOLVE the academic community, educate students, share practical knowledge and experiences - motivating them to get involved, to meet professionals and get acquainted with their future professions.

WE ACT with the aim of establishing ethical standards and principles, creating a fair play market, advancing the advertising profession and strengthening creative potential.

WE INVEST in community development and believe in the positive changes and development of society!


Thomas Trautmann
Company: SalesBrain
Position: NeuroMarketing Certified Instructor
Years of experience: 25+
Sanja Partalo
Company: Columbia Business School
Position: Adjunct Professor of Marketing/ Marketing Consultant
Years of experience: 13
Špela Levičnik Oblak
Company: LUNA TBWA
Position: Director LUNA TBWA (Slovenia) and Regional Director of LUNA TBWA CEE Adriatic
Years of experience: 25+
Vladimir Dimovski
Company: I&F McCann Grupa
Position: COO McCann Adriatic
Years of experience: 15
Edin Mehić
Company: Kolektiv
Position: GM
Years of experience: 20
Igor Štefanac
Company: IKEA Hrvatska
Position: Corporate Communications Manager at IKEA South East Europe
Years of experience: 13


8:00 – 8:55

Registration of participants

9:00 – 9:10

Welcome Get ready to Mind Your Brand!

Vesna Beganović

Via Media, Founder & CEO

9:10 – 9:55

Brand Bulding in the Digital Age

Sanja Partalo

Columbia Business School

10:00 – 10:40

Think about the box

Dean Vranić

Imago Croatia, Chief Creative Officer

10:45 – 11:10

Coffee time

11:15 – 12:20

Win Me over in a Minute

Špela Levičnik Oblak

Director LUNA TBWA Slovenia and Regional director LUNA TBWA CEE Adriatic

Sanja Milinović

Hrvatski Telecom, Director of Go to Market department

Minka Gazibara - Bajramović

Studio Marketing Legend, CEO

Moderator: Vladimir Dimovski

I&F McCann Grupa, COO McCann Adriatic

12:25 –13:55

Brand Experience Lunchtime & Networking

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14:00 –14:25

Brand & Trend Challenges

Elma Pašić

GfK BH, General Manager

14:30 –15:10

NeuroMarketing – What’s Happening in the Consumer’s Brain?

Thomas Trautmann

SalesBrain, NeuroMarketing Certified Instructor

15:15 –15:55

Your Life. My Inspiration

Igor Štefanec

IKEA, Corporate Communications Manager at IKEA South East Europe

16:00 –17:05

Knocking on 2050’s Door

Milad Čerkić

Atlantbh, CEO

Haris Memić

DevLogic, Founder and CEO

Amina Karić

Authority Partners, Vice President of Operations

Moderator: Edin Mehić

Kolektiv, General Manager

Moderatorica:  Dalija Hasanbegović Konaković

Al Jazeera Balkans, News Presenter/Reporter

21:00 – 00:00